Home land has been lost, but still existed.
Dad and Mom are employed by TEPCO.
Feels like in the middle of endless Moebius.
A week after the 3.11 is, as dim memories.
Try to recall, feel nauseous.
"Do not talk about it lightly. Do not swallow every story. Please gain a proper knowledge, think by yourself and talk."

Whenever I hear the word "Earthquake" "Nuke" "Exposure" or "Tsunami" in the conversation, chills run down...and I slip away.

Take a train alone and look outside dazedly. Childhood memories are coming back, very hard to hold back my tears.
Scene of crumbling and collapsing flashes in. Torturous...as my heart is grabbed in real.

"Please remain as you are."

He grew up in place 15km from the nuke-plants.
He knew what the nuke-plants were, partially. Observation-tour and learning about the nuke-plants became a part of the curriculum in his elementary school.
He had a feeling of security arising from his parents and friends who work for the nuke-plants, at the same time, had an awareness of danger that he would be the first to be killed if something happen, but never imagine that it will come true.

"Far beyond my imagination.

I never imagined that this would happen. Anguish. Can't stop conceiving about our collapsing home...when we return our home after 20 years or 30 years, it's no longer as we can live.
Everything is crumbling and will be gone. The affected area by tsunami will collapse without any recovery.
Others talk about returning to normal, but, you know, we will never be.
We are now under the afflicted situation. Not finished yet.

If I appeal for compensation, it will come from the company where my parents work for. What shall I do?
I can't bear to find housing and a new job under this circumstance.
People get the partial refund money from TEPCO and public administration. People get temporary unemployment insurance if they lose the jobs.
If you have kids, it may run out in less than a year. House rent is charged, so I need a job.
My parents still work at the Second Reactor. They pass the side of our home everyday. They said "If radiation affected us after decades, we'd like to stay at our home rather than to pass it everyday. We are old enough."

Awareness has changed. Neither knowledge of nuke-plants nor understanding of risk were enough.
Actually, we should monitor the nuke-plants as citizens who live near by. We should speak out and appeal regularly, "Is this truly correct?"
Although, I understand the situation that local society can not exist without the nuke-plants, so I don't stand for anti-nuke nor advocates.

Despite the small population, we don't need to synoecize other villages because of financial resources from the nuke-plants. We got J-Village (National Football Training Center) too. Senior care was also fulfilling. The roads had been established considering small population. Elementary school was renovated with good facilities. Yes, there were the benefits.

However, there is a lurking danger, and for whom we take risks! You shall keep your nuke-plants at your place.

Rather, I'd like to say, "Thank you".
Don't blame TEPCO for your own lack of understanding.

I'd like to question those blaming the increase of electricity bill, "Have you ever been against nuke-plants? You voted for advocate party, didn't you??"
What a shallow people...be tamed and no own judgement. The thoughts are only superficial with borrowed knowledge.
Maybe, because of flood of information. I was also one of this kind.

In fact, we should decide on our path with observing policies by ourselves, not just the people who live in Fukushima but also who live in Kanto-area. They should know the fact of the nuke-plants.
I became insensitive to know what kind of energy moves my belongings.

Although, I do think that anyone must not fall into the situation like us.
It's enough. It's far from a risk. Too much to lose.

But...I don't want to appeal "anti-nuke" easily.
We need to think about the local society depending on the nuke-plants economically. We should set up the alternatives and absorb them to the local economy. We also need to develop sense of perspective for judging the validity and unnecessity of energy supply.
Searching the energy for the local needs is one of the ways. Maybe it is the time to build a self-reliant way, including energy supply. Tokyo also needs to do so.

So, I'm going to be active.
This occurred at the right moment in my life inevitably.
I'd like to prepare to take action more speedily and more powerfully with my knowledge and experience.

When I return to my home land, if it will still be remained as it was, that is the greatest happiness.
Then, to make it more attractive with our people is wonderful, isn't it?"

(Translated by Kyoko Soda)