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Each person has his own face. Each person lives his own life within their jobs, circumstances, families and friends. Even if each voice is small, any voice can be a segment for our future.

On March 11, Fuskushima was hit by a devastating Earthquake, Tsunamis and Nuclear accident. The daily lives of people changed in an instant. The fact confronted us with something day after day.

I could not accept the shock of the disaster because it was too big. In such a situation, I got the idea to leave the experiences and feelings lost with time. If we find their faces as a human, something will be changed even a little. So I started to interview the people who lived in Fukushima and recorded one story per person.

After the interviews, I knew that each of them lived with different thoughts, circumstances, surroundings, information sources, families and friends. Life is constructed with a lot of complicated things. So it is impossible to judge which theory is correct, which is not. There are just the living itself.

I know what I can hear from the interviews and what I can tell you are only a part of them. They are very little. Someone could be hurt. Someone wants to forget. It still makes me hesitate. However, I decided to put their voices out because people I interviewed were very appealing even in such difficulties. I felt their very existences have the power to produce the future.

There are many problems remaining. I think it could happen not only in Fukushima but also anywhere anytime.

I sincerely appreciate those who told me and hope the voices to be a pray for the future.

  • We applied the word “FUKUSHIMAふくしま” in Hiragana instead of “福島” in Kanji. It means that our site is not for only the residents in Fukushima but also everyone who connect to FUKUSHIMA.
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Thank you very much, from PRAY + LIFE.

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Hikari FUJISHIRO (citizen of Iwaki, Fukushima)

Masahiro TAKITA



WE LIVE ON, Facing to the Great East Japan Earthquake and the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.
Broadcasting from FUKUSHIMA.